Facts or Fiction

A response to Ato Zenebe Tasew a.k.a Ato Tezera Asegu, former Special Secretary of Ato Dawit Yohannes. By Girma, London | June 02, 2007 I have read Ato Tezera’s article entitled DISTINCTION BETWEEN CIVIL SERVICE AND POLITICAL SERVICE posted on Ethiolion website with dismay and felt like … [Read more...]

The Diaspora Politicians: Proper Reflection and Critical Appraisal

In the struggle that is waged, and going on for what seems forever now, to form a democratic society, many have taken part with great passion and determination. Every fund raising, protest march, vigil, lobby etc., is taken up by thousands throughout the world and these activities have served in, at … [Read more...]

The Role of the Diaspora Politicians as Organisers of Defeat

I am not trying to be holier than holly. I am part of the Diaspora and I have no plan of packing and going home for a “fight” or for good. So I am at liberty to have a laugh at our contributions towards the struggle with the sole purpose of helping my colleagues understand the inherent problems of … [Read more...]


By Asefa Tola | March 10, 2007 Over the last few decades, the role played by Ethiopians in the Diaspora has a profound effect on the internal politics of our country. From introducing various kinds of political philosophies and ideologies, to organizing and leading political parties, establishing … [Read more...]

Comments on Dr Yakob’s Letter from Prison Regarding TPLF’s Justice System

By Bekele Habte I have a great respect for all Ethiopia’s heroes and heroines who are languishing in TPLF’s dungeons on trumped up charges and those who sacrificed their irreplaceable life for the betterment of Ethiopia. It is clear that they committed no crime what so ever. Their only crime is … [Read more...]

The Army in Somalia: Is it TPLF’s or Ethiopian Army?

In particular, after the outrageous June and Nov/05 massacre of innocent civilians by Meles’ Agazzi Force, it becomes an undisputed fact that, not only ordinary foot soldiers but also so many high-ranking Army Generals and Officers are defecting from being suspended, held incommunicado and killed by … [Read more...]

Why it has to be a choice of the lesser of two evils

In the seventies, it was a choice between various shade of revolutionary dictators, in the eighties and nineties, it was a choice between a brutal dictator and ethnic warlords. Now we are facing a choice between psychopathic dictator and fanatic Sheikh. The situation gets complicated as some say … [Read more...]

Is there a case to renegotiate AFD? Part 2

multi-ethnic Ethiopian Nationalism; a new era of Pan-Ethiopianism! As a multi-ethnic party that transcends ethnicism and ethnic politics, CUDP won most of the seats contested and outshined all the other parties including UEDF. It is to be remembered that Dr Merera’s and Dr Beyene’s ethnic-based … [Read more...]

Is there a case to renegotiate AFD? Part 1

Before I go any further, however, let me make my stand very clear from the outset. First, in principle and to the extent possible, an all-inclusive and the widest possible opposition alliance against the incumbent TPLF’s regime is a necessity. There can be no illusion on it. Opposition political … [Read more...]