Undercover Israeli cops punish nightclubs for racism against Ethiopians

July 24, 2016

falasha_racismIsraeli special forces police raided nine nightclubs after evidence surfaced that the clubs were discriminating against Ethiopians, prohibiting them from entering, al-Masdar reported.

Israeli police revealed they had started a broad campaign in Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Beersheva after gathering evidence over the past few months that the clubs were racially profiling patrons of Ethiopian origins.

Police used undercover officers to confirm their suspicions. They first sent officers of Ethiopian descent to the clubs to try and enter, who were turned away. When they sent cops of non-Ethiopian descent, the officers were allowed in with no problems.

The clubs were then raided by authorities.

The Israeli government is attempting to address racism in Israeli society against Ethiopian Jews, many of whom were brought to Israel in the 1980s during an immigration campaign.

Ethiopian Jews often face discrimination in housing and work, and in 2013 the Israeli government admitted it was forcibly giving Ethiopian women contraceptives to lower the birth rate in the Ethiopian community.