The coming Regional and bye-election

March 3, 2008

In a nut shell, Ato Lidetu’s key points from the interview includes: that the ruling party has fielded more than 4.5 million candidates, that the total number of candidates of the opposition are less than 1/100 of EPRDF’s candidates, that some opposition candidates are unable to register as a result of various barriers by the ruling cadres, that EPRDF is deliberately requiring 300 candidates for each kebele to get the opposition out of the game, that the intimidation of opposition candidates by the ruling party cadres is still going on, etc.

Even if there is a free and fair election, according to Ato Lidetu Ayalew, EPRDF is going to win with certainty since the role of the opposition in this election can not be more than mere participation as a result of the insignificant number of candidates they fielded compared to that of EPRDF. As the way forward under these circumstances, Ato Lidetu argued it would be easier for the opposition to plan to win Parliament first, then Addis Ababa, towns and cities, then regional seats and finally Kebeles and Woredas.