Bomb Blasts Kill 3, Injure 18

April 15, 2008

The blast that set ablaze part of a
depot in an area back of Imperial Hotel at 6:30 PM has killed two
persons while inflicting heavy and light injuries on nine others, the
Command Post told ENA on Tuesday.

The bomb blast that
occurred same time and that damaged another depot around Lem Hotel has
left one person dead while inflicting heavy and minor injuries on nine
others, the Command post said.

The blasts have killed innocent civilians who were lined up to buy kerosene from the depots.

Two of the victims died after reaching hospital, the Command Post said.

victims who suffered heavy injuries are under intensive health care in
hospitals here in the capital. Those who suffered minor injuries
returned home after receiving first aid treatment.

out that the bomb attack sthat occurred at a time when the country is
on the verge of finalizing successfully its by-election and local
election is targeted at destabilizing the building of democracy in the

There is no doubt that the attacks were perpetrated by desperate groups, it added.

The police have launched an extensive investigation to determine the
cause and catch masterminds of the attacks, the Command Post said.

Source: The Ethiopian News Agency (ENA)


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