Ginbot 7 Support Group in UK or Kinijit UK?

June 1, 2008

It was with great amazement that I learned about Kinijit UK’s preparation to bankroll a  public meeting for Dr Birhnau in London to promote and recruit members for his new-founded Ginbot 7 party.

Let me repeat it if you missed it.  The public meeting is called by Kinijit UK, with Kinijit headed paper and Kinijit resource. Don’t get me wrong, I am not per se against the public discussion or Dr. Birhanu’s visit of London. What I found repugnant is that why on earth Kinijit is giving a platform and promoting a rival political party that publicly split from Kinijit to set-up its own party?

Of course, Kinijit UK can organise a public discussion on any topic. Kinijit UK can also change itself into Ginbot 7 support group at a short notice.  This is also their inalienable right and I have no problem with it at all. However, as long as it calls itself a Kinijit Support Group and use Kinijit’s headed paper, the support group is expected to strictly comply with the cherished values and objectives of Kinijit Ethiopia. When Kinijit UK stops complying with Kinijit’s cardinal principles, the Kinijit UK leaders have to either resign or made accountable by the members for breach of duty.

We now know beyond a shred of doubt that Dr Birhanu is no more a member of Kinijit. We know Dr. Birhanu does not believe in peaceful strategy and vision of Kinijit. Even more, Dr Birhanu has now formed a rivalry party called Ginbot 7.  Of course, we all should respect Dr Birhanu’s right to leave Kinijit and form his own private party. Nevertheless, Dr Birhanu should not be allowed to use Kinijit support groups as his Trojan Horses to recruit Kinijit members to his Ginbot 7 Party.

Whether we like it or not, Ginbot 7 and Kinijit are different parties just like day and night. Kinijit believes in peaceful struggle, Ginbot 7 Party believes in armed struggle. Where as Kinijit condemns use of violence to bring about change in Ethiopia, Ginbot 7 believes in use of violence in taking power. Kinijit is a legal party operating under difficult conditions, but Ginbot 7 is a runaway political party operating in safe heaven. Thus, the million dollar question is that is it right for Kinijit UK to organise a public discussion to someone who believes in armed struggle?   I say No because:

  1. By organising the public meeting, Kinijit UK is undoubtedly putting the life and operation of Kinijit leaders in Ethiopia at the mercy of TPLF/EPRDF. It is like giving Kinijit Ethiopia a kiss of death. Kinijit UK should have seen this serious implication before rushing to sponsor Dr. Birhanu’s recruitment campaign in London.
  1. Leaving aside the implication on the leaders in Ethiopia, as Kinijit supporters, Kinijit UK should have been very careful not to be used as a platform to propagate the sermon of armed struggle. Its role should be strictly restricted to promoting peaceful struggle but not to be an instrument of armed struggle.
  1. If Kinijt UK is happy to roll a red carpet to organise a public discussion for an Ex-Kinijit member who preaches armed struggle contrary to that of Kinijit’s peaceful struggle, then the support group was/is following individuals but not Kinijit values and objective. That is also lending credence to the suspicion that all along Kinijit UK was controlled and run by the now defunct KIL to bring about the dominance of Kestedamena with in Kinijit.

As I mentioned above, I accept that Kinijit UK can change itself to a support group of Ginbot 7 Party if it wishes. I would not be surprised if eventually but gradually Kinijit UK transforms itself into Ginbot 7 Party. However, we need to note the following:

  1. If Kinijit UK ever contemplates to transform itself to Ginbot 7 Party, they have to bear in mind that the money collected in the name of Kinijit can not be transferred to Ginbot 7 Party for a simple reason that the public have contributed the money to be used for peaceful struggle but not to wage armed struggle. Period.
  1. If the public meeting is conducted in the presence of Dr Birhnau, I warn the public to think twice before partying with their hard earned money easily for a simple reason that the money may end up in Ginbot 7 Party coffer.

That is why I urge Kinijit UK to cancel the invitation to Dr Birhanu and invite only those who believe in peaceful struggle instead in line with Kinijit manifesto. By doing so, Kinijit UK will remain loyal to the manifesto and vision of Kinijit.  I also call up on Kinijit supporters in the UK to put a sustained pressure on Kinijit UK to change their mind to this effect. If Kinijit UK is unwilling to change their mind by continuing sponsoring the new party, then they need to resign from their positions with immediate effect to join the new party, Ginbot 7.

Using its previous association, there is no doubt that Ginbot 7 Party will continue to use Kinijit Support Groups to advance its objective. Thus, Kinijit UK need to set a good precedent for other Kinijit Support Groups all over the world to follow by nipping the problem at the bud.

Some politicians may have a cunning plan to kill Kinijit and any hope of peaceful struggle so that they can succeed in their desire to raise arms. The public must not be a naive participant in destroying Kinijit and putting Kinijit leaders and supporters back in Ethiopia at the mercy of TPLF/EPRDF. Ginbot 7 must be left to succeed in its own way not on the back of Kinijit.


23 comments on “Ginbot 7 Support Group in UK or Kinijit UK?

  1. Kinijit Ethiopia can do nothing to bring change in Ethiopia. It is over. Kinijit Ethiopia and peaceful struggle is a dead thing and everybody knows that. So I recommend that all kinijit support groups abroad should become support groups for Ginbot 7. What kind of peaceful struggle are we talking about in Woyanees world anyway? A non-existent? Give me a break! Go Ginbot 7!

  2. Yes, bravo Asrat. That was also my question.Why Kinijit UK chose to organise a public meeting for armed strugge in the name of Kinijit, using Kinijit headed paper and resource is beyond me.

    Are they going out of their mind or what?

  3. What is the problem with this writer? Can he leave Dr Berhanu and Ginbot 7 Party alone and mind his own business?

    Whether the writer likes it or not, Ginbot 7 is the future saviour of Ethiopia and Dr Berhanu is the mentor of Ginbot 7 Party.

    Hands off Dr Berhanu and Ginbot 7 Party!!!

  4. Meklit! Ethiopia is tired of spineless parrots like you. You just repeat what your bosses tell you like a parrot.

    We will cetrtainly be scrutinising the opportunists. Lidetu is in now a history. Dr Birhanu will be a history like Lidetu the traitor.

    Ginbot 7 Party must stand by itself. Kinijit does not need to bankroll and sponsor it.

    Ginbot 7 should stop being a parasite on Kiniit for a change.

    Long live Kinijit!

  5. It can not be said any better. Well done Asrat. Kinijit UK must cancel Dr Berhanu’s invitation or resign with immediate effect.The choice is theirs really.

    Short of this, the public should be able to say enough is enough by forcing them to resign. Kinijit UK should not get away with suicidal error.

    Kinijit UK is not the personal property of Dr Berhanu or Andargachew. It is owened by Kinijit UK supporters and members. Do you get it?

  6. No matter what Asrat and his useless Hailu buddies are saying, Ginbot 7 Party is the only way forward to Ethiopia. Ginbot 7 is founded by the best mind and strategist of Ethiopia.

    Bravo Ginbot 7!

  7. When i was a child, during the red terror era, i used to hear from my grandmother that all the brutality was as result of King Haileselassie’s curse of Ethiopia. She used to say proudly ‘Ye Haileselassie enba new lezhi yaderesene’Of course, my mother loved her King very much.

    Like wise, after observing the gross injustice done on Ato Lidetu (my hero, primarily by the opportunist Dr Berhanu Kestedamena, when i observe the Hailu and Dr Birhanu groups in the spree of annhilating each other, i just ask myself whether it is as a result of ‘Ye Lidetu Enba’!!

  8. There is no Kinijit any more either in ‘sprit’ or in body. It is non-sense to talk about a dead matter. Kinijit is dead and buried. Let Kinijit rest in peace.

    Move on guys!!

  9. Kinjit-uk or any Kinijit support committee in other parts of the world should seriously ask themselves as to which Kinjit they are supporting.

    If you go to Ethiopia there is only Ayele Chamiso’s party that can legally use the name – Kinjit. Birtukan’s group is no more attached to the name Kinjit as Birtukan is planning to from a new party with her associates because the Kinjit name is given to Ato Ayele.

    There is Hailu’s group and I am sure Hailu’s group prefers to use the former AAPO title or form a new party rather than keeping to fight to snatch the name from Ayele. There fore any action of Kinjit-uk does not affect or change anything on the ground.

  10. Kinijit as Torjan horse is a perfect description of what is going on in Diaspora. Dr. Behanu is he feels responsible for what is doing he should keep away from Kinijit. This kind of opportunism is very immoral and irresponsible. He shouldn’t conspire to liquidate Kinijit so that his theory of armed struggle to succeed.

  11. Is it not possible invite and ask any Ethiopian Opposition in any country?

    what small minded writer!!

  12. Here is a response to ER’s “Ginbot 7 has less than 6 months to prove itself,” [June 2, 2008]

    1. Who says G7 has less than 6 months to prove itself? ER? Eritrea? TPLF? Nonesense. Why the haste? Is there information you are not sharing with the rest of us?
    2. To remain credible G7 should steer clear of Eritrean machination. Eritrea should never be allowed to play a significant role in the coming event. To be perceived as collaborators of Eritrean regime will ultimately hijack a popular movement and cede control to armed bandits who are in only for power. Eritrea is using disgruntled groups to advance its own agenda; there is a grand attempt at a come-back (as in 1990) to loot the nation of resources. Beware!
    3. I only hope Berhanu Nega and Andargachew will not fall for this. Just because the much-hated TPLF has to go may not mean any means will achieve the desired goal.

  13. What UK-knijit is doing , I found it good , correct and democracy. The simple divisions should be united to safe this tiny hyena who roar like a lion.
    I have already discussed in another web-site that peace struggle should run side by side with Armed struggle to hit the target, we are fighting for ” Ethiopia Free” . This should absolutely happen to safe our country from mercenaries ” Woyane !!!!!!”

  14. The issue at hand is not wether Ginbot7 should exist or not. The issue is that it should stop using Kinjit’s name and log. If the KIL suporters were honest and forth right they would have called this meeting using a generic name as concerend Ethiopians who wanted to learn more about the intentions of Ginbot7. This would have been proper, but as usual the intention is to confuse and keep the riff going piggy backing Kinijit. This is the shameful work of Andergachew and Dr. Doolittle as usual.

    No guts, No integrity, full of contempt for the people, no better than the regime that tells us it has a right to rule Ethiopia when the people have said NO. Now we have a group that keeps using a name that stopped belonging to them when they have started supporting renegades who have established new Parties and are calling themselves something else, yet they want to keep confusing the mass bu double talking.

    Wrong is wrong no matter how you put it.

  15. hey guys which poletical paty are u talking about? Do you really think there is a poletical party in Ethiopia? I dont think so! Which party has wel aweared members? which party is active at all time? it is all during the election period that u hear they are even alive.Which party does try to diversify and increase its members at normal surcumatances? Which party works to raise awarness among its members at regular basis?So do you think you can call groups who are being used as a pupet for the rueling party as a party? You know what I say? Just forget them and let us see forward for a party to come by the young intelects of Ethiopia with a true dream and real poletical solution.Just forget those oldies barking from far!!!

  16. Guys I want to know where you are. For sure you are not in Ethiopia. Here we are with the heart breaking approach in their jungle politics. I think they always think of their sacrificial struggle with Dergue and want to stay forever. Poor them if that is so the way out of suppressionis Only with Ginbot 7.

  17. it is always good to see individuals participate in exchanging ideas about what matters the most, Ethiopia. there will not be agreeable issue at all times, but the direction of our discussion and the goal of our concern should stay for what matters the most, freedom for our people. i can not say whether Dr Brihanus ideas are superior than those with the kinijit party, but one can appreciate the fact that each will contribute to the overall objective to challenge the arrogant and tribal current government. i am sure Dr. Birhanus effort can not be undermined just because his ideas are radcially different than those who purse a noble cause of peaceful erradication of these tribal worms whose purpose is to destroy Ethiopia.
    so, it is good to organize either way and the idea that works better will stand the test of time and can be used when needed. while preparing to shake hands, it is not a bad idea to look the bullies directctly in the eyes and stand up to them. afterall, the true Ethiopians are behind the struggle. now, let us not split our curley hair over who is the true Ethiopian. each of us can define ourselves as the other while we can stand hand in hand and fight for justice or continue to fight amongst our selves and be the target of these self annointed idiots at the throne. i am not suggesting that let us just agree and go home, bring a constructive and strong ideas to the table and let us go to war and refine them. i do not think there is an easy way out of these very calculated risk the tplf is taking. i do not think meles is an idiot, but he and his servants have overrated their power. no matter what they will fail in the end. let Dr. Birhanu travel and share his conviction with each individuals and groups and then give support in any way we can and see where we are going!

  18. Asrat, what is the matter with you? Do you really believe the people of Ethiopia will get their freedom with peaceful struggle? Can you give me the definition of freedom and peaceful struggle? then answer me why are 100`s of opposition leaders and members are in prison? why are people dying on peace full demonstration? why are genocide is taking place?
    Brother the time is come to use every possibility; peaceful and armed struggle you name it the people of Ethiopia will never sleep until they can vote their prime minister without fear. We will advance with ginbot7 leadership for our freedom. Don`t forget Ginbot7 is every where

  19. [b][b][b][b][s] The person who pass over some serious challenges such as impriosed,get hungry,and pass up and downs like nelson mandela will named as truth poletecian who has a grate vision for his country. But i don’t know what should be given as a name or identification for ato Ledetu ayalew.So the only persons who passed over the above mantioned ways should be given the notification as a poletitian.In short,those who had been imprisoned during GINBOT 7 should have priority in peopls mind[/s][/b][/b][/b][/b] and every one should follow up them. The gretest one among them is DOCTOR BIRHANU NEGA.so let us forget kinijit ethiopia and begin to follow GINBOTSEVEN.Thnks!!![

  20. please rising thier powers, we are already ready to support either information and others.. .

  21. tesfaye,the gretest one among them now adays opp.party is D/r Birhanu Nega.Solet us forget kinijit,medrek,MEAD etc and begin to follow ginbot seven.

  22. As to the information i have, Ginbot 7’s struggling option is not limited to armed movements.They said we could follow any option that could help to overthrow dictators, which includes a discussion that may come after a pressure made by any means. and it is perfect rather than sitting and begging idiots for their ridiculous answers.

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