ETA ordered to handover its property, bank assets, name and logo to the surrogate ETA

June 27, 2008

In a related matter, the cloned and surrogate ETA leaders accompanied by a number of policemen and the regime’s officials came this morning to ETA’s premises in Addis Ababa to claim its property. However, as the ETA leadership was at the Court of Cassation of the Supreme Court at the time, they could not achieve their purpose.

Nevertheless, today, it is feared that ETA’s compound in Addis will be inundated with the security forces when the surrogate ETA comes to ETA’s office with a new order to take the office by force from the ETA people. Hence, there may be some problems as a result. Stay tuned as you will be fully updated about the matter.


6 comments on “ETA ordered to handover its property, bank assets, name and logo to the surrogate ETA

  1. I do not understand why the government has to control everything. Even the Chinese communist party has left the workers to organize by themselves. What we see in Ethiopia is very outdated and backward mindset, even by the standards of the strictest communist parties.

    Even after professing to follow a market economy and privatizing state own enterprise, I do not know why the government wants to control the workers.

    Please let the people organize by themselves. They are not the enemy of the state. They are fighting for their trade union and professional right.

    Please move on join the 21st century.

  2. So, it seems the final straw after ETA’s 15 solid years Trade Unions struggle against TPLF’s dictatorial regime.

  3. This is not an isolated incident. It rather shows the bigger picture of TPLF bent on destroying any sort of peaceful opposition.

    I say go for armed struggle and get rid of TPLF. Then, we all will have a better country.

  4. It is with great sadness that i read this news. I take my hat off to those gallant leaders at ETA who fought to the last minute with the regime for th eprotection of Human and Trade Unions Rights. I am sure the struggle will continue till we see a democratic governemnt in Ethiopia.

  5. It is very sad to see this old educational association disintegrate into pieces. ETA has cotributed remarkable record to major social, cultural and political movements of the recent history of the country. The government is fulfilling its mission of dismantling iconic establishments to weaken the notion of Ethiopiawinet.

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