Gebrselassie manager told to stop “meddling”

July 16, 2008


Ethiopia named a 30-member team for the Olympics this week, including Gebrselassie for the 10,000 metres.

But his Dutch manager Jos Hermens was quoted by media as saying the Ethiopian was not in good enough health to compete.

“Unless he stops meddling in Ethiopian affairs, he may be banned from managing any Ethiopian athlete in future,” said the Ethiopian Athletic Federation’s technical manager Dube Jillo.

“Our medical team has examined Haile and has found him fit to compete at the Beijing Olympics,” he told Reuters. “Haile’s participation in the Olympics is a decision of the Ethiopian federation and not that of Hermens.”

Contacted briefly by telephone, Gebrselassie told Reuters he was still unsure about whether he would go to Beijing.

“I have not decided,” he said.

Earlier this year, the Ethiopian ruled out participating in the marathon because of pollution worries.