Lambs Chops Come from TESCO, nothing to do with Sheep

July 20, 2008

Surprised, I asked why not

“You are wasting your time” was his reply.

Feeling bemused, I asked what is wrong with educating another misguided soul about Africa.  I further stressed to my friend that there are many people out there, with a very narrow view of the world, who need to be educated.  Whenever possible, we, Africans, have a duty to put everything in perspective to avoid misrepresentation of the reality.

“Well, then…if you have time, let me share you my view on the matter” said my friend. “Mr. Kevin Myers could be either an attention-seeking individual like those guys who appear on Jerry Springer show to say “Darling I was born man”, or someone who has a closed mind who would never understand”.

My friend said, ‘after reading the article carefully, Mr. Myer is probably the latter than the former. Let alone educating him with your single reply, you may even try to engage him for quite sometime.  And yet, I can assure you, he wouldn’t still get it!”

My friend took a deep breath and continued to elaborate what he meant by giving example. He said, “Mr. Myers may jump out of his Egyptian cotton bed sheet and have a quick shower and dry himself with a fine cotton towel. Then he is more likely to brew an Ethiopian coffee to wake him up.  Followed by a toast of bread with Ivory cost’s chocolate spread. He may even afford a Ghanaian Gold necklace or Angolan Silver cufflinks.

Then he may drive his 4×4 made of Iron, Cobalt, copper and titanium mined in Africa and roll himself comfortably using Liberian rubber.  Despite price hike, he has to stop by Shell station to fill his car with Nigerian petrol to pollute the planet and make it inhabitable.

At break time, he may smoke Zimbabwean tobacco, sweeten his tea with Madagascar sugar. Still he wouldn’t see it.

After having a well marinated and spiced meal with Kenyan Chile, he might finish off with banana milkshake and tropical fruits to add few pounds to his, most likely, an overweight stature”

All the way, he can’t see Africa until he snuggles back into his cotton bed. Not because Africa has nothing to give to Mr. Myers –apart from AIDS – but he refused to see it”.

“In short” my friend said: “Mr. Myers is, like those kids who think lamb come from Tesco and has nothing to do with a sheep”. Indeed, bless him.

At that point, it become clear to me that it is better to have a laugh about it than engage in serious discussion to educate Mr. Myers that what Africa has been giving to the world before it ended up importing AIDS.

It became very clear to me that there is no point in mentioning more than the 15 million Ethiopians who are engaged in coffee farming to produce 100 thousands of tones of coffee, which earn them less than 300,000 dollars on world market.  After paying for sacks and shipping, they are left with nothing to keep them going through the year.

At this point, there is no point explaining to him that the aid that the 54 plus African countries had received in the last 20 years wouldn’t possibly match the 20 billion euro economic aid that Ireland had received from EU alone.

Ireland got these money to bring Ireland to the standard of the rest of the world, and yet, Mr. Myers, question the morality of saving a child in Africa through changes collection in churches.

Since the likes of Mr. Myers are obsessed with self-aggrandization and righteousness for dropping few changes in the begging bowl, he could only see begging bowl of Africa , not what is in his fruit bowl.

Of course, he couldn’t possibly see that every commodity he overindulge and pollute the world was farmed or mined by those “wild-eyed” children, who may grow up to have other wild-eyed kids to support cheapest supply of goods.

Bless him, lamb chops come from Tesco, I swear it has nothing to do with the poor sheep.


2 comments on “Lambs Chops Come from TESCO, nothing to do with Sheep

  1. Good article. MR Myers does not deserve a response, because he does not worth it. He has a poblem of self-aggrandization. I suggest he should check with his doctor, as such symptom might be cuased by a late syphillis infection. I am serious.

  2. Let me say something! Don`t you think there is some truth in his comments. I look back at myself and am ashamed for being an African. We are a laughing stock. Inspite of all the natural riches mentioned we have, we are still starving and misearable. We have no good governance. Only the haynas are ruling all over the continent. Mr Meyers and his surogates have been and will continue manipulating and taking advantage from our stupidity. I went to west Ethiopia after 30 years. As a child I wondered through all the dense forest where all type of animals were roaming around. Wherever I went through the forest plenty and variety of fruits were everywhere for consumption. No one for sure to tell a certain area what type of topography it has. But now everything is gone forever. I cried a lot. It was turned to baren and people from north had a resettelment there. The dense forest is shaved and no hope to grow a single tree. A cursed mind! a backward thinking nation. Quick for destruction not for constructon. We are shame of the world. We are every where in the developed world doing all the cheap work. Dispised! A white man looking down at us! rarely accepted in almost every society of the civilized world as noble person. When one of us appear any where, leave alone the developed world, even people from Rumania or Albania simply appear light coloured, will look down at us. No matter how far educated, an african professor in a bus or a train is suspected to be one of those LEBAs! Our leaders? Look at Mugabe, Look at Esayas! look at others ! who is better than who? all are pigs! dont you feel ashamed? dont you feel sad the youth of this generation perishing everywhere? from north to south almost every african is dreaming to scape from his country of birth and by trying many fed themselves to the shars of the sea! I do not have the gut to look at one of them and challenge them. We might have many reasons to give for our short coming. Have we tried to be united and fight them back? no way! shame on us! check yourself an african! Mr Meyer might have some points, but it is us who are not angry enought at ourselves to change their thinking. I do not see any positive future for Africa! Let them laugh at us!Let them give blame us for all the nasty things happening in the world. They might have right.

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