UEDP-MEDHIN envisiges another 30 more years of EPRDF

August 9, 2008

Ahead of its fourth general assembly [scheduled for October 30, 2008] UEDP-MEDHIN has selected fourteen agenda items which its members are holding discussions at in weekly meetings as of July 13.

On its first agenda UEDP-MEDHIN takes on assessing the current institutional and psychological status of both the opposition group and the ruling party. On its assessment toward the ruling party, UEDP-MEDHIN says supporters of the regime are now moved with a notion [more than ever] that only the EPRDF is up to the challenge of leading the nation.

The opposition group’s assessment condemns ‘the inability of the former CUDP to read the political balance‘, which the party says was a vital reason for it to leave the Coalition.
“If singularly blaming the ruling party continues as if the opposition camp is faultless, there is a risk of seeing the ruling party stay the next two decades in power,” reads the UEDP press statement.

UEDP says due to its principles, the opposition groups which should have been its ally are now opponents like the ruling party, due to their practice of denying due accreditation and respect.
While UEDP says that some of the opposition groups are lacking the maturity to pay due respect, they in turn accuse UEDP of partiality with the ruling party. UEDP has been participating in the House of Peoples’ Representatives actively and is the only party to use Opposition Day to forward an agenda. Even if UEDP seems to find tolerable participation conditions in the House, the recent establishment of an experts’ committee to second guess the latest Auditor’s General report, has upset to the point it warns to give up its leadership of Public Accounts Committee of the House.

“It is a serious concern and accordingly, we will announce if we will continue our participation or not when the House reconvenes,” UEDP chair, MP Lidetu Ayalew told Capital this week. House Speaker Teshome Toga last week had announced that if UEDP gives up the leadership [for which he sees no grounds] another party will take on the responsibility.

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