ETA’s Office broken into by Security forces

August 9, 2008

It is to be remembered that ETA’s fifteen-years-long court battle did come to an end on the 26 of June 2008 after its appeal was dismissed by the Court of Cassation of the Federal Supreme Court by upholding the previous ruling of both the Federal High Court and Federal Supreme Court. As ETA’s court case was being heard by carefully selected loyal judges, the outcome of the ruling was expected.    

After losing the last appeal, the authentic ETA was ordered to finally handover its property, bank assets, name and logo to the surrogate ETA as a result of the politically motivated adverse ruling. 

According to some reliable sources who are very close to the regime, the ETA premises including the building would be taken over by the Ministry of Workers and Urban Development which has currently got its head office adjacent to ETA headquarters. Serving this purpose as a tool, the surrogate ETA will be given an office somewhere in Addis Ababa.