Iran deploy troops and weapons at the port town of Assab

December 10, 2008

iraneritreaIranian ships and submarines have deployed an undisclosed number of Iranian troops and weapons at the Eritrean port town of Assab at the Horn of Africa in the Arabian Sea just below the Strait of Hormuz.

As such, the port town is in a unique postion  its location allows it to control and monitor one of the world’s most strategic shipping routes.

According to local reports Iranian troops and a large number of long range ballistic missiles have also been deployed at a military base at the port and Iranian unmanned drones daily patrol the area..
It appears that Iran is using the pretext of an accord it signed with Eritrea to revamp a Russian built refinery there to station its troops and maintain a strong military presence with full  command of the Straits of Hormuz . At the same time  as the world’s second largest importer of gasoline, its deal with Eritrea  guarantees it a constant supply free from  international intervention. The President of Eritrea has already granted Teheran  complete and exclusive control of the Eritrean Oil Refinary

Meanwhile there is concern in Israel over reports suggesting Iran has recently tripled its missile arsenal and is estimated to have over 100 Shhab 3 missiles that are capable of striking any point in Israel compared with the thirty missiles it had in its aresenal at the beginning of 2008. While the missiles are armed with one ton conventional warheads they are also capable of carrying nuclear warheads.
This latest build-up potentially points to an Iranian intent to launch a protracted counter-strike against those who seek to destroy its nuclear program.12/09/08

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  1. well there is nothing to talk about exsept just watch and see what is new thanks to woyane there is no ethiopia enemy ever
    we may say italian well italian known by the all world
    as agresser but woyane is in side enemy try to cut ethiopian from evry direction slowly ethiopian never united that what we need ethiopians assab never was part of eritria all this plan is woyanes long term tactic if they stood for ethiopia they get assab back to the mother land long time a go again look at the ethiopian history assab never was part of eritria assab is the great afar land still they call them self ethiopian but since woyane stand to distroy ethiopia and ethiopians interst they ignore all till this day but the poor afar is still out there try to get it back the sad part is we ethiopians knows how to talk but never in action please learn from ur forfather heroisem ethiopia is ur land try to feel the pain
    i have family that fought evryday in side the country with out tiredness from day 1 to this day in america what i see is rootless act NO NO NO that is not solution please ethiopia need all of u ur country is in danger what u see now in ethiopia is not stay watch what is coming befor that let’s help our poor contry ethiopia need us more than any time .

  2. It is such a shame woyane gave our land, port… now it is becoming an enemy of usa and israel too. These powerful countries should get back to us our port for their own safety.

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