Arrival of the Main body of the Ethiopian Infantry Battalion to UNAMID

December 16, 2008

El Fasher, 16 December 2008 — The first batch of the main body of the Ethiopian Infantry Battalion, consisting of 107 personnel, arrived today in El Geneina, West Darfur. The remaining 412 personnel are scheduled to arrive between 17-19 December. The new peacekeepers will be joining 341 Ethiopian peacekeepers already deployed in Kulbus, West Darfur, bringing the total number of the Ethiopian Infantry battalion to 860.

In addition, later this month, UNAMID is also expecting the arrival of the Ethiopian Recce Company consisting of 120 personnel; the Ethiopian Medium Transport Company consisting of 125 personnel and the Ethiopian Multi-role Logistic Unit comprising of 300 personnel.

Their principal duties will include conducting security patrols within their area of responsibility, to enhance security and encourage confidence within the local population, and conduct escorts for humanitarian convoys.

United Nations Security Council Resolution 1769 (2007) authorized the deployment of up to 19,555 military personnel, including 360 military observers and liaison officers and up to 3,772 police personnel and 19 formed police units comprising of up to 140 personnel each. To date, the total number of military forces deployed in Darfur totals 10,708.

Source: UNAMID