UDJ’s Chairwoman, Judge Birtukan Mideksa arrested

December 29, 2008

Birtukan and other ex-leaders of the opposition political party, who had been convicted guilty of trying to dismantle the constitutional order by sheer force, got life behind bars, the Ministry told ENA in a statement on Monday.

The government granted pardon to Birtukan and her fellow CUD leaders as per their own request, it said, the pardon granted to Birtukan is now revoked since she failed to annul her denial, though she was repeatedly requested to do so.

As per the article 16/4 of the bill of pardon, Birtukan was arrested and began serving life as of 29 Dec. 2008, according to the statement.

Source ENA


11 comments on “UDJ’s Chairwoman, Judge Birtukan Mideksa arrested

  1. The fact that Birtukan has already written what was requested by the police to top local newspapers, namely The Reporter, and Addis Admas in time makes her arrest weired. More over jailing of this young opposition figure for life is ridiculous under the pretext “you denied that you had been pardoned”.

  2. One should ask – do the CUD leaders deserved life in prison in the first place considering those who killed more than 190 civilians, which was also acknowledged by the government, during the recent election 2005 are permitted to enjoy life in the streets of Addis Ababa?

  3. What is funny is that TPLF even does not know whether they will servive tomorrow; leave alone executing life sentence on Birtukan.

  4. I think, in jailing Birtukan for life again,Meles has shown one of his poorest judgements. Looking at in the long run, I do not think it is good for Meles or TPLF or EPRDF. It is just a stupid political decision by Meles.

  5. it gives me pleasure to hear the news .because ..it is something left ..i think she lost her gadem mind.
    still we are waiting the others to denied

  6. The Difference between Meles and Colonel Mengistu is only their clothing styles. Meles wears as a civil but colonel Mengstu wears the militarists.
    Mengstu loves his country rather than his poletics. where as meles loves his poletics rather than his country and the citizens.
    He has no futurity for Ethiopia.
    “lengeru liabo-u(to his father)and lini-u(to his mother) zeykone(not to booth)kemey geiru lihageru yikowin?)
    senseles man.
    Habo zeybulu (wene yelelow)

  7. meles shouldnot think widely about birtukan . he think always about cadire life span and his business

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