Issayas’ government says Bush Administration holds primary responsibility for “Gaza massacre”

January 6, 2009

Jan 3, 2009, 13:09

The Jerusalem Post newspaper has published a baseless and pure lie report alleging that the rockets being fired from Gaza to Israel originate from Eritrea and Iran.

The fabricator and disseminator of this surprising and defamatory smear campaign is certainly a CIA agent.

In the wake of its futile attempts to defame Eritrea through linking it at one time with terrorism and at another with piracy, the Bush Administration is once again engaged in futile attempts to link Eritrea with so-called infiltration of armaments into Gaza, in a bid to cover up the tragic atrocities being committed in Gaza resulting from the Administration’s obstructionist policy.

The Eritrean government would neither be surprised nor disturbed in the event that the outgoing Bush Administration continues to resort to hostile statements and defamations emanating from a disturbed mind till the last days of its stay in office. The Government of Eritrea further declares that such destructive acts which are designed to spoil matters before President-Elect Barack Obama assumes office are but meaningless.