ONLF Leader Killed

January 20, 2009

Hargeisa (Somalilandpress, Jan 19th 2009) – Reports from the Somali region of Ethiopia says Mr. Mohamed Siraad Doolaal, an ONLF leader was killed after the Ethiopian forces attacked his base in the region. In an interview, Abdi Mohamoud Omar (Abdi Iley) said a local security forces with the ethiopian military forces attacked ONLF bases in the area where Doolaal was killed and brought his body to the town of Godey.


“We managed to attack them and kill their leader because of information submitted by the local residents” said Mr Abdi. “In his pocket, we found two passports of him, one British and one Eritrean” he added. Mr. Abdi said they also got other documents and photos of the organization.