Ethiopia claims the killing of a senior rebel leader

January 21, 2009

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) Ethiopia has claimed that its army has recently killed the leader of a rebel group in the eastern part of the country, APA learns here.

According to local media reports, the former head of foreign affairs of the rebel Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), Mohammed Serad Dolal, was recently killed in Denan District of Gode zone, in the eastern part of Ethiopia where the ONLF is active.

A year ago, Ethiopia launched a crackdown against the ONLF after the group killed 65 Ethiopian and nine Chinese oil workers in the Ogaden area of the Somali regional state of Ethiopia, inhabited mainly by ethnic Somalis.

It was reported that other members of the ONLF leadership and another rebel group, Al- Ittihad were also killed during the operation. However, the report did not mention the number of other people killed during the operation.

ONLF is fighting for the independence of the Ogaden region of Ethiopia while Al-Ittihad claims to be fighting for autonomy of the region.

“The killing of the senior ONLF member is a great relief for the public in the state,” Dawed Mohammed Ali, chief of the Somali regional state was quoted saying.