Ethiopian police detain Tanzanian with suspected drugs in his stomach

January 24, 2009


APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) The Ethiopian authorities on Thursday arrested a Tanzanian man with over 100 capsules of alleged drugs in his stomach, with each capsule reported to having 15 grams.

The arrested Tanzanian man is in serious health condition, being given medical treatment at Hayat hospital in Addis Ababa.

According to medical sources at the hospital, the man whose name has not been revealed, was travelling on Wednesday from Tanzania to China on Ethiopian Airlines.

Ethiopian Television (ETV) on Friday showed pictures of the alleged drugs that were removed from the man’s stomach. He was said to have been rushed to hospital when he collapsed while on board the plane. He was reported to be unconscious for more about two days.

“Capsules containing around 15 grams of drugs each were detected in the stomach of the man, while he was diagnosed at the hospital,” said medical sources at the hospital.

The hospital doctors said that the man was unconscious whien he was admitted to the hospital as some of the capsules burst in his stomach.

“So far, 109 capsules have been taken out of the man’s stomach,” said the hospital.

The man is getting serious medication and the hospital is not sure whether or not he will survive.

The Ethiopian Federal Police Commission Crime and Forensic Investigation Department is carring further investigation into the matter to identify the type of drug involved and the real identity of the alleged culprit.