Citizens rights to association is still curtailed by Ethiopian Government

February 1, 2009


In its petition to the Ombudsman dated 29th December 2008, NTA complained that as the association is founded in accordance with the Ethiopian constitution and international laws which Ethiopia is a signatory, there is no basis in law to reject the application by the Ministry of Justice.


NTA further stressed that the decision of the Ministry of Justice breaches the constitution which guarantees citizens rights to establish a free and independent association. Thus, the new association demanded the Ombudsman to intervene so as to right the wrong by upholding the Ethiopian constitution to register the association.


This decision to reject the application is clearly in contravention to the Ethiopian Constitution and the Ministry of Justice has a duty to respect the law of the land. For full content please see the link


7 comments on “Citizens rights to association is still curtailed by Ethiopian Government

  1. I just wonder what is going on TPLF’s mind. Nowadays TPLF seems hell bent to close all doors of peaceful activities. I am sure it will pay dearly soon. Till then the Ethiopian people has no option other than intensifying the all rounded struggle.

  2. Forget about complaining to Woyane and just intensify the armed struggle as Ginbot 7 is doing. Woyane is the culprit and it can not be right complaining to one of the institutions that is controlled by Woyane.

  3. I take my hat off to those who struggle peacefully at home under the close scritiny of the regime. They certainly are risking their and their family well being by doing so.Keep up the good work as it is part of the peaceful struggle.

  4. What happend to the ETA that was led by Dr Taye? Is this going to be a third Teachers Association including the surrogate and clonned ETA of EPRDF? If anybody knows please do clarify.

  5. You can find the reason for refusing the registration of NTA in the letter addressed to the Ombudsman.

  6. What is this Ombudsman? Is it not run by the EPRDF? I think, it can not be an independent body as no independent body is allowed to work in Ethiopia by EPRDF. So why petition to the Ombudsman?

    It is like the Amharic saying ‘liju kemagna abatu dagna’.

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