EDP declares its come back as main player on Ethiopian political landscape

February 7, 2009

Report close to the party state that, the conference was lively and there was heated discussion when the new resolutions were passed. Some of the major resolutions are:

1. The PGC changes the party’s name from UEDP-MEDHIN to EDP, its original name before the merger with EDAG.

2. The PGC amended the introductory part of the party’s political programme to reflect its Third Way alternative.

3.  The PGC elected 23 members to lead the party for the next two years.

4. The PGC re-elected Ato Lidetu Ayalew for the final time as President to lead the party for the next two years. The PGC also elected Ato Musshe Semu as Secretary General and W/o Sofia Yilma as party Vice President.


9 comments on “EDP declares its come back as main player on Ethiopian political landscape

  1. I thoght Lidetu and his party were dead and buried for good. I am amazed to see many people attending the conference. My belief was that it would be difficult for Lidetu to get a single supporter. Obviously my guess was wrong.

  2. There is no way that Lidetu and his party would be accepted by the Ethiopian people. He and his party are history at the moment as far as at the Ethiopian people is concerned.

  3. UEDP-Medhin and Lidetu were written off prematurely based on a fabricated accusation and a co-ordinated smear campaign by the hate mongers like Ginbot-7. How wrong they were! Now they have no choice other than facing the reality. I know admitting the truth is bitter but no question it will daunt the likes of Dr Birhanu and Andargachew Tsige for some time to come.

  4. I was yearning this day finally it is here and I don’t have any word to express my happiness. I always knew that Lidetu and his party will retain their true place in history of mother Ethiopia and it is the beginning of that history . the history of the true Ethiopian party (EDP).
    HAPPY AT LAST !!!!!!!!!!GOD bless EDP

  5. thanks God for keeping alive the true democratic party (EDP) and its leaders.I always knew and hope for this day to come and it is here after three and half difficult years .Now it is time for Ginbot7 and EPRP to go in to hidding ,because the time is here to hear the truth only the truth from the THIRD -WAY which is the true way for DEMOCRACY!!!!!!!

  6. Wow…what a turn around!!! I was one of the believers who thought UEDP_Medhin is gone from the political landscape for good. Now, they have proven me wrong. Hmmmmmmmmmm….I have got to unwind myself. My perception has been turned upside down.

    Whom should I blame now for the making of my view against this party? Our political culture sucks. Anyways, I now realized what went wrong in our political culture.

  7. The most brilliant and influential political figure lidetu and other passionatelly committed young leaders are meant party of the future. No stone left unturned to defame EDP for the last three years but succeed only in failure.This is the right time to test the fruits of your struggle.you people are responsible still!

  8. I have no ,really, words stong enough to express my deepest appreciation to EDP leaders in general,to political masterminds in particular. It is nothing but a Wel defined vissionary party in the history of Ehtiopian politics. I wonder they are very conscious and know what, when, how, where, to do. But I wanna pass one message to them. even today, they have to evaluate critically each steps to stay as vibrant democrat party. Rely up on your thoughts and positions once again.Despite many difficulties, you are hopes of the new generation. I wish I could join you.

  9. i watch all the ellection debate i am really change my mind most people in addis too. if ethiopian democracy is like the us edp will be the winner but our eprdf official do not went to share the power .
    so ethiopian will forced to suport other armed oposition .

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