Ethiopian Defense Force to Receive Warm Welcome

February 16, 2009

The returning army of the Ethiopian National Defense Force which successfully accomplished its mission in Somalia will be given an official welcome at Negellie Borena town of Oromia state on Tuesday, Government Communication Affairs Office (GCAO) said.

In its statement sent to ENA on Monday, GCAO said the official welcoming ceremony will be opened with keynote address from Ambassador Teshome Toga, speaker of the House of Peoples’ Representatives.

He will also lay foundation stone for the monument which would be built in Delo Amino to commemorate the gallant deeds of the Ethiopian Defense Forces, the statment said.

The guest of honor and heads of regional states will likewise offer special gifts to attendant military officers, representing their respective states, according to the statement.

The statement said among invited speakers are president of the Somali state, Chief-of-Staff and minister of Defense.

The speakers would honor the Ethiopian Defense Force’s successful accomplishment in foiling what represented as a clear and present danger for Ethiopia.

In related news, the statement said mainstream political actors in Somalia have elected new president, which Ethiopia has officially expressed its support as an expression of its continued commitment to honor the choices of the Somali people.

Ethiopia’s announcement and diplomatic call urging support to the new transitional government of Somalia and its president underscores its genuine commitment to build a solid environment of peace for the people of Somalia, the statement said.

The government and people of Ethiopia are proud of the great sacrifices paid by members of their defense forces in Somalia it once again proves that it is a reliable force of peace, according to the statement.

Source ENA


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  1. Ignoring this bizare may be better altogether but does the so called victory give sense? Is it Isaias or Meles entitled to dance at the paradox,among other things, what follows the currently elected presidant of Somalia, Child Problem of East Africa? The real reaction of Muslim world, international community and consequence of the so called Woyane/Meles victory is to be seen very shortly.

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