Ethiopian Airlines cuts intl flights as crisis bites

February 23, 2009

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) Ethiopian Airlines on Monday announced a reduction in its flights to the United States and China due to the global economic crisis.

The airlines said that the number of passengers from the two countries have shown a great decline, which forced it to reduce its weekly flights in the two countries respectively.

The global financial crisis is reported to be the major cause for the reduction of passengers from the two countries.

Accordingly, the six weekly flights to the United States would be cut to four, while the number of weekly flights to China had been cut to 12 from 14 as of this month.

The two countries had a big number of passengers since the past few years.

However, the number has been declining since November and December 2008.

Ethiopian Airlines, which claims to be one of Africa’s leading carriers, currently flies to 53 countries worldwide, of which around 33 are in Africa.

The Airline is projected to enhance its operating revenue by more than 6 percent to $1 billion this year.