Dahir aways trapped in Eritrea

March 7, 2009

dahirSources close to the Islamist leader confirmed the cancellation of the Dahir’s trip to Somalia as this happens for the sixth time.

Supporters of the Asmara-based ARS leader, who is on the American list of terror groups, grow more concerns over his liberty and asked themselves why their leader is still doing in Asmara by the time the Ethiopian troops withdrew from Somalia as the Eritrean government do not want to let Dahir to be out of its country for specific reasons.

Some of the Eritrea intelligence service officials told Sheik Hassan Dahir Aweys that they suspended his trip for security reasons but many of his supporters see that as simple excuse.
Eritrea which has been involving in the Somalia’s proxy war with Ethiopia see Sheik Dahir as key Islamist leader who they can bargain with the Western powers.

Earlier, Asmara cut its financial support used to be given to Yusuf Mohamed Siad Indha-Adde, former warlord who turned to Islamist leader.

Source Mareeg