Alemitu Bekele broke a record for Turkey

March 9, 2009

alemitu_bekeleRepresenting Turkey, national athlete Alemitu Bekele Degfa, aged 30, won the gold medal in the women’s 3,000 meter race in the European Athletics Indoor Championship. She broke a record for Turkey with her final time of 8:46.50. However, Bekele will also go on record for winning Turkey’s first gold in the championships.

National athlete Alemitu Bekele Degfa, has made history in the 30th European Athletics Indoor Championship, held in Torino, Italy, by winning the gold for the women’s 3,000 meter race. Not only has she scored the first gold medal for Turkey in the championship, but she also broke a national record with her time of 8:46.50. She started the race with control and never let up on her speed even when she joined the leading group of runners. She took first place, passing the 1,000 meter line with a time of 3:00.58, and completing 2,000 meters in 5:58.33. Bekele, the native Ethiopian athlete began sprinting in the final 100 meters, widening the divide between her competitors. As she comfortably secured the win in Europe, she also realized a historical first for Turkey by winning the gold.

Meanwhile, coming in second after Bekele was Portugal’s Sara Moreira, who secured a silver medal, with a time of 8:48.18. The bronze went to Ireland’s Mary Cullen, with a final time of 8:48.47. Turkey’s previous record for the women’s 3,000 meter belonged to Ay┼čen Barak, with a time of 8:48.60. Barak’s record breaking time, achieved in a race in 2001, in Birmingham, England has now been blown to the dust by Bekele, who goes down in history for also winning the first gold for Turkey in the championship.


4 comments on “Alemitu Bekele broke a record for Turkey

  1. It is sad to hear that she ran for Turkey. This is nothing but the result of the sprawling corrupt practices within the Ethiopian Athletics Federation. Best runners are not being given the chance to compete internationally unless they agree to pay kickbacks. I am afraid more athletes may follow suit.

  2. Hi Ahmet,
    Are u talking about this athlete or another? I know this I know her since high school. You have wrong information, dude!

  3. There seems to be a bit of confusion between Alemitu Bekele Degfa and Alemitu Bekele Aga.

    Degfa runs for Turkey and Aga used to participate for Etiopia but is now linked with Belgium.

    Talking kickbacks, this was also something which was mentioned as problematic within Kenyan athletics some years ago, now maybe the athlete agents provide kickbacks, of this I am not sure?

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