Sher shifts gear and rents aircraft from Ethiopian

March 17, 2009

An umbrella flower company and another firm in Ethiopia have joined forces to rent cargo space on four aircraft from Ethiopian in order to export flowers to Europe.

Sher Ethiopia, which encompasses nine flower companies, and Trade Path International have established Flower Port Cargo Plc so as to rent three Boeing 747-200s and a half-load capacity of one MD-11 aircraft for one year.

Previously, they found themselves at loggerheads with other flower growers and the government, as they were planning to lease aircraft from outside the country. The protests were due to the foreign exchange drain the deal would cause the economy.

After all the difficulties, it started its operations to Liege, Belgium last Monday.
“The nine flower exporting companies operating under Sher Ethiopia were using a cargo service provided by Ethio Horti Share Company (EHSC). But now, owing to the ever growing number of exports they are making, and to fulfil the huge demand for cargo services within one umbrella organisation, Flower Port Cargo PLC was established,” Nebiyu Woubishet, general manager of flower Port Cargo Plc told Capital.