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  2. I liked the interview. From his interview Al Amoudin is not too proud of his achievement. He is just like any ordinary person.

  3. በውነት አል አሙዲን ምኖትህን እግዚአብሄር ያሳካልህ በጣም ግሩም ቃለመጠይቅ ነው

  4. yaw it is really cool. this agro development thing was always in my mind and he is gona do it. no matter any political difrences we have people should help this man to lift the country from the mess we are in. he has got resources and conection more over vision love to his matherland.However, he should made a corection in old fashioned management team by new and young fellas from uk usa and other parts of the world .i am not saying this invain.i do know that we have expertees and experience and dicipline in work. keep the good work up sheke i wish u the best of luck.

  5. Alamoudi is the best ethiopian and african enterpreneur, we are proud to have him in Ethiopia. He will open door for other ethiopian investors who would be able to be movers and shakers of global economy. Alamoudi has thought us one thing long before Obama came to the political scene, Yes we can. Yichalal, if we work hard we can reach anywhere.

  6. This is the SPIRIT of the Sheik, we can dream about our country. I like him and his dream for our children than the INE KEMOTKUGN SERDO …. KEMILUTU.
    I wish GOD/ALAH be with him.

  7. I have read all the above articles intensely and feel sorry ! sorry ! with tears for some comment s.There is always Deficiency (blemish) or shortcoming
    from our side specially those some nonsenses people so called themselves ‘Ethiopians” with such distractive opnions – really you have to feel shame on Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali AlAmoudi critic in every issue be it political leader or Economist or any rather than to thanks and make a pray for him in all our life.
    Again and again let us ask ourselves – what we are doing for our country?
    Except some people NOTHING!!! Do you Imagine – The rich country like Saudi Arabia he is the 2nd richest man in Saudi Arabia forbes 2010 report – visit the website (http://www.arabianbusiness.com/saudi-rich-list/list) more than all Royal families of Saudi Arabia Except one who is the 1st HRH Prince Wolid bin Telal – next 1

  8. I will tell you what I know (The Olayan Family(the 6th Richest Women in Saudi Arabia is the owner)- 50 big companies more than ½ million workers only in Saudi Arabia – Now you can imagine who is Sheikh Al Amoudi – By the way Arabic translation of his family name Al-Amoudi (Base- meseret ) it is correct base for Ethiopian development.
    He created a job opportunity for over 30000 people and about 100000 even more (Ethiopians only)house hold members , how many students sponsored for Higher Education, sick people and other humanitarian act even UNDP and other Humanitarian Organization are not doing so. No body in Ethiopia did what he did !! & Our people are beneficiary of his investment. Once Dr. Belay Abegaz (respected children’s heart specialist )says “ God send man to Ethiopia 100% correct !!!! this is less to him !!! next 2

  9. In my sight he is ( THE SECOND THEODROS TO ETHIOPIA )-he is our Hero !!! & his name should be written in Golden for the next Generation !! he is a bright hope for Mother Ethiopia and example for all of us in Diaspora and Local.
    By the way I am living in Saudi Arabia and responsible of 10 family members in my country – I swere in Allah (Wellahi Wallahi Wallahi )I have no any relation with him or his family member 1 day I am not looking him even.
    I am writing all with tears – I swear in the name of God the Almighty (Allah- the creature of the Universe – I swear in all my families !!! realy let Allah kill me before him – (I am young 25 years difference with him) I don’t want to listen any evil even headache about him !! every one according to his belief pls make him Duaa’ (supplication) to give him health and what he wish !! he has a big dream for our poor country !!! I love and respecting you from the top of my heart – let Allah give him every thing in the world and hereafter !!! How we are lucky to have such a man !!! in 21 century !
    For politician who so ever you are pls. give freedom to such great and great man to choose what ever party as every Ethiopian !!!!!!! Read what is Democracy !!!! Don’t interfere in his personal attiture Long live Ethiopia & Dr. Sheikh Mohd Ali Al Amoudi

  10. Its’s such a blessing that we have such a man like Mohammed Al amoudi, we should always thank God for his heart of generosity to bless and build others whom have struggle to make ends meet especially thousands of workers whom were given employment through his undertakings.

    God will bless those who humble themselves to prove his countenance blessings to other who are weak and feeble hence, God in his own mind will bless according to his riches in glory.

    Let glory and honor given back to the almighty the allah of all.


  11. I want to be like him. He is realy a wise and wealthy man. I wish to him health.[b][/b]

  12. I know very well he is outstandig and generous man in our planete, but some people or we can say advisors made a mistake!!! There are many started projects in ethiopia and to run this project they search foreigners from different country of the world. But the same field and proffession there are millions of Ethiopians abroad, the problem is gthe people of shekh Mohd agree on the principle, but for the payment they will negotiate with small salary only because of Ethiopia Why why why ???
    we can take a good outstanding example of Dr. Eleni — what she is even for PM Meles to bring Highly qualified and Higly paid Market experts with the same salary as it was in the USA . therefor pls Dr, Shekh Mohd alamoudi and his family think all this into consideration if you have genuene outlook to help the people and the country !!!

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