10 comments on “Open Letter to the Voice of America (VOA)

  1. Censorship to hide the truth and mislead audience is serious professional misconduct.

  2. It is a shame VOA has come to this. Tizita should be ashamed of her self also Addisu *. Lidetu is right to complain. They are still trying to destroy him and EDP. God will help Lidetu of course. All the false Alubalta didn’t work. Yes it has hurt him but he have survived and he will continue stand up to them. Shame on you VOA.

  3. VOA Is infested with Shabias and EPRP stuges , they thought they are king makers of Addis , fortunatley they are * and * BALTETOCH .

  4. It is such a shame and a sad episode to witness such a blatant and outright onslaught on the profession of Journalism. Shame on VOA!!! Ato Lidetu’s objective and well reasoned political view will not and can not be distorted by such cynical and patrician below-par Journalists for the ideas and ideals of EDP are stronger and crystal clear than what the enemies of this progressive political party would like to portray the party.

  5. I too have witnessed the repeated efforts of some VOA journalists to damage Lidetu Ayalew and his party, the EDP. Particularly, the actions of Addissu, Tizita and the like is a shame. I called the VOA a number of times to air my views in support of Lidetu, but it has never been transmitted. I heard similar story from a friend of mine. We expect the VOA to present the various sides of the political personalities fairly, as we have no any other better media common to all. However, it is unfortunate the VOA Amharic service tries to marginalize some promissing opposition figures by way of it’s journalists who fail to comprhend the views of the present generation due to their communist past or ethnic bias. I believe Americans want to share us their experience in building a democratic system. I hope the VOA will correct such mistakes and serve the Ethiopian people inline with its core values of journalism.

  6. There are many key pillars that define professional and good journalism including, but not limited to thoroughness, accuracy, fairness and transparency. Tezeta Belachew and her colleagues at the VOA Amharic service have demonstrated time and again that they lack these pillars and are a disgrace for this valued profession.

    Ato Lidetu, keep on fighting in all angles – govt media, opposition media etc. After all, it is the truth that shall set you free and you are an absolute free thinker, who, in my view, is sadly born in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Yes, it will take time, but the vision you, Ato Lidetu, and your party have for the future of our our nation is what will ultimately make Ethiopia a member of the free and democratic society. I am sure history will remember your significant contributions in this regard.

  7. Hi, VoA I am one of your intensive listner for a long time. i admaier your programs, specialy in balacing the matters.i belive media should watchdog to the people; in asking officials on behave of the people,in exposing mishuman treatment(like you presenton young ethiopian females in meddle east), in allowing people to get voice…. you have in doing it. But,now there is a problem in your radio adioability; that is disterbing sound(noise)& interaption in the signal. please try to solve it.

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