March 30, 2009

wayna2*Grammy-nominated singer Wayna is free of charges in connection with her arrest Wednesday for trying to bring a collapsible police baton through security.

The R&B newcomer was charged with possession of a prohibited weapon Wednesday after security guards at Bush International Airport discovered the 24-inch baton in her carry-on bag.

However, the third-degree felony was dropped Friday after prosecutors reexamined the situation.

“The senior prosecutor recognized the case for what it was: an honest mistake that did not rise to the level of a criminal offense,” Wayna said in a statement. “Based on the facts, that was undoubtedly the correct decision, and we are thankful for that decision.”

Wayna, who attended Friday’s hearing with an attorney, said she uses the baton as a prop while singing her single “Billy Club,” a ballad about police abuse. She twirls and points the baton when performing the track on stage.

The artist said she forgot the baton was in the carry-on bag, along with CDs, makeup and “other materials she carries to performances.”

“Obviously, the past 48 hours have been life-altering,” she said. “I’m incredibly relieved and grateful that it’s over and that justice prevailed.”