One comment on “Dr. Merara becomes Chairman of UEDF

  1. What a joke? Is there still UEDF.

    How much coalition do we have? Dr Beyene is a chairman of Hadya People liberation front”, which become a member of southern people coalition under Dr. Beyene leadership. Then “Southern people” is a member of CODEF. CODEF become a member of Alternative forces under Dr. Beyene Petros leadership. Alternative Forces become a member of another coalition called UEDF under Dr. Beyene leadership. Now UEDF members joined Medrek and want to still keep a collection of coalitions.

    It seems two individuals are building a pyramid over each other. Why do we need CODEF, Alternative Forces, UEDF after forming another coalition called Medrek?
    There will be no space left on Dr. Beyen’s card.

    Beyene Petros (PhD), Chairman of Hadya Liberation Front, Chairman of Southern People Nation and Nationality…, Chairman of Alternative Forces for Democracy and Development and Chairman of United Ethiopian Democratic Forces and more ..

    Whom are we fooling?

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