Ethiopia opposition says anti-govt plot invented

May 5, 2009

“Without third party verification I can’t believe there was a plot,” Bulcha Demeksa, leader of one of the largest opposition parties, the Oromo Federalist Democratic Movement, told Reuters.

“This government is just looking for an excuse to imprison potential politicians.”

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s government said last month a group led by an Ethiopian-American professor had planned to use assassinations and bombings to provoke street protests and topple the government.

Addis Ababa arrested 40 former and current army personnel and members of a disbanded opposition group from a “terror network” it said was formed by Berhanu Nega, an opposition leader now teaching economics in the United States.

The Bucknell University lecturer, who has publicly said he wants to overthrow the Ethiopian government, has called the accusations “baseless”.

“When Berhanu says he wants to overthrow the government, it is just words,” said Bulcha.

“He couldn’t have organised these people from the U.S.”

Former Ethiopian president Negaso Gidada, now an independent member of parliament, also told Reuters he doubted Berhanu’s involvement, but said the government was using the alleged plot to root out dissenters in its military.

“There is no democracy in Ethiopia,” added Negaso, citing recent legislation governing the activities of charities and the media that rights groups have condemned as repressive.


5 comments on “Ethiopia opposition says anti-govt plot invented

  1. I wish if Bulcha Demeksa abandoned tribalism and work for Ethiopian unity.

  2. It is dificult to know what is going on inside Ethiopia. But what I don’t agree is portraying Dr Birhanu or his party, Ginbot 7, capable of organizing such a plot that requires intencive work and communication. I bet it was news to Dr Birhanu.

  3. negaso is raised by charity, and wants it to exist in ethiopia what ever its legal consquences are — he only grew physically and educationally but no wisdom. how can he generalize whether there was no a plot, does he have any ground or concrete information to say so.

  4. Dear Lema,
    If you don’t believe in Ginbot 7’s capability to topple Meles, you may not believe it even when he has gone.
    As an Ethiopian, you better support Ginbot 7 or whoever is involved in armed struggle as that is the only way to obliterate woyane.

  5. i coudn’t get much sense of Ethioian opposision parties…can’t they just lear from their past,,, there is NO way to get rid of Woyane,,, unless they join formal military struggle,,,like TPDM why they don’t join TDPM??,, that ‘s the only choise that i can see right now!!

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