Ethiopia’s EDP Opposition party leader criticizes Ginbot 7 group

May 13, 2009

Leader of the Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP), one the groups that formed the Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD) largest opposition party in 2005, condemned the Ginbot 7 organization’s support for armed struggle ideology in Ethiopia. In a statement to journalists in the Ethiopian capital, EDP’s chairman Lidetu Ayalew said peaceful struggle is the only way to change government. Read more (Jimma Times)


6 comments on “Ethiopia’s EDP Opposition party leader criticizes Ginbot 7 group

  1. I hope the other opposition parties should take the same stsnd with regard this issue.

  2. Ato Lidetu should respect the rights of others. If he chooses to be a lezebtenia teqami with a yes attitude it is his and his followers perogative. However for the ones who see the Prime Misery as unwilling to playball in any shape or form and as a person who has no respect for the rule of law, or the people of Ethiopia. You got give him a taste of himself.

  3. Yehamer Konjo, I don’t think Lidetu initiated the issue. My understanding is that he was asked by journalists what his openion is about the Ginbot 7 movemet.

  4. Dear Yonatan it is not whether he initiated or what journalists asked him. He very well knows “Woyane” or I guess you call them EPDRF, and their method of creating situations to impose chaos and fear amongst the people. It is superfical for him to make a judgment without the facts of knowing if Ginbot7 is really part and parcel of the sherade orchestrated by the regime to once again incarcirate any descent if any really existed. You get my drift.

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