2 comments on “EDP held successful meeting in Addis Ababa

  1. Every generation has its own hero’s in different walks of life. Leaders of EDP are Hero’s of our time. They are vissionary. The results of the 2005 election are, I believe, their effort. It is better to invest on them rather than on ” the old dying Lions”.

  2. My hats off to EDP and its courageous leaders!! They have been subjected to malicious and well orchestrated campaign of character assassination (some of the leaders were even targeted to be killed in those post-election days of confusion), but defied all adversities and remained true to their principles. This is in contrast to some other party leaders who are devoid of their own principles, but rather try to lead only to attract the attention of emotional supporters. EDP has laid the foundation for lasting peace and democracy in our nation. The process for complete freedom and democracy can be long and challenging, but there is no shortcut other than following what EDP is doing. The leaders of this vibrant party may or may not be alive to enjoy the fruits of their struggle, but there is no doubt in my mind that future generations will be beneficiaries of their selfless sacrifice and determination.


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