Ethiopia to enact anti terrorism bill

June 2, 2009

ENA – The new anti terrorism bill, which is referred to House of Peoples Representatives (HPR) for endorsement by the Council of Ministers, will create legal backup in support of efforts geared toward fighting the social evil, Government’s Communication Affairs Office said.

State Minister for Government’s Communication Affairs Office, Ermias Legesse said on Monday the bill is said to have crucial role in curbing terrorism since the draft bill was designed based on international anti terrorism conventions and taking the experience of other countries that ratify such bills earlier.

According to the state minister, absence of relevant proclamations for curbing terrorism, recurrent terrorist attacks that took place in different parts of the country, and the need for synchronizing anti terrorist efforts with regional and global partners call for the new bill.

He said the new bill will also enable the various governmental offices, including the federal police, national intelligence and security services, and the ministry of justice, integrate efforts in containing terrorism and set up sections responsible to fighting this ever-worsening social evil.

The bill will enable courts provide 28-120 days to the police for collecting the required evidences against alleged terrorists or perpetuators of terrorism, which the time allotted to such activities was limited only to 14 days as per the nation’s penal code.