Eritrean Independence: Is It Worth All the Sacrifice?

June 17, 2009


The beginning: Was the oppression on the Ethiopian side so brutal that it justified the kind of horrendous sacrifice that has been paid in the last five decades? Indeed, with all honesty, can we say it was it a case of colonialism? And if not, what are the real non-nationalist aspirations on the two camps – the Moslems and Christians – that motivated this revolution?…”

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7 comments on “Eritrean Independence: Is It Worth All the Sacrifice?

  1. Eritreans have no one to blame but themselves – for the state of crissis they are in.

    If it wasn’t for the TPLF life support from 1991 to 1998 and policy from 1998 to 2009 – by now we may not have an Eritrea as a state. I feel sorry for the Afars, Kunamas, Irobs who are screaming that they are Ethiopians but no one seems to listen. They are trapped by a vicious idelogue created by the European Colonizers and set up by the two dictators of the region Zenawi & Issias.

    At the cocktail of crissis (the border dispute, the Asseb issue, democracy in Eritrea, proxy war, civil war etc) continued – it is not difficult to see from a distance that the real crissis have yet to begin.

  2. guys, I feel bad what happened in Ayder, and no one will forget it. I am from Mekelle, I was studying for general exam in grade 8. That was the worst event in my life. What happen was as a result of the dysfunction mentality of shaebya….and they will pay for it.

  3. hi guys don’t say any unbeleaveable thing about eritrea. that is not true what some some guys said on the comment

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