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  1. I would like to tank Fikru Ayele Belay for his clear and fact based opinion.
    EDP can never be woyane. EDP is a party which has clear and ideology and program which has a huge difference from woyane.
    Defaming is a cheap tactic of jealous people who can’t work and get acceptance.
    As to me, EDP is the only party which can help Ethiopia and Ethiopians .EDP has a visionary leaders and committed members who stand for real democracy. I am sure EDP will grow fast and gain acceptance with in very short period of time.
    Who are those who labelled EDP as woyane?
    These people used EDP-medhin during 2005 election as bridge to grasp power and popularity and want to kill it after taking all its resources. These people to me are inhuman and with out any belief. They are good for nothing. God is great , they are now exposing themselves who they are and their nonsense work will continue to be exposed if they try to open their mouth..
    They are afraid of discussing with Lidetu because he has the truth and they don’t have, he has convincing ideas and they don’t have.
    EDP has clear stand and others who defame EDP don’t’
    EDP is self confident and they are not.
    EDPs speak from the heart but others speak just to make happy Diaspora supporters temporally
    No more time and place for liers

    God bless Ethiopia

  2. Thank you munit
    Yes you are right but, what I want to say is, if Woyane people are a human being, they may think as human. Lidetus or Kinijits vision were clear, they know all about it during the pre-election debate and the support Lidetu had was confirmed during the debate. If some one did a research before June 2005 I am sure Lidetu won for presidency and only woyane knows how Lidetu was suffered by woyane for more than two months right after the election because they knew the idea proposed by him will hurt them and at last because of his firm stand not to accept the joint agreement with EPRDF he was arrested in EDP-Medhin office with his Mesfin .
    Woyane and other members of EPRDF know all about that all false allegations.
    They know that his support minimizes because of false propagandas they are live witness at least for themselves. woyane people know how some people defame others with jealousy .
    I am sure as a human being ,from all these defamations and labelling as” woyane” they get surprised and give may give respect for him if they are a’’ human being’, ‘They may give high value and respect to Lidetu moreover his unique nature in withstanding all these hearsays and defamation by it self shows his unique ability.
    As to me, if woyane higher officials decide to handover power and come to their mind they should think about the future Ethiopia and the only party which can see things broadly and can accommodate differences is EDP ,If free and fair election is conducted, I have no doubt that EDP will win the majority seat because Kinijit manifesto is EDPs manifesto and EDP is fully confirmed that it stand for truth and wellbeing of Ethiopians even during hard times.
    Lidetu strongly fought for justice and equality, transparency and accountability to the party he belongs to and its members. He should be respected for that. Some one who can’t stand and fight for equal right of his party and members, how on earth can fight for the right of all Ethiopians? I think Lidetu showed his commitment to EDP and EDP members.
    Lidetu should be elected because he has really a unique nature to tolerate all these false allegations and he deserve to be named endurance.
    To know more about other partied read ethiopiafirsts web site

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