“Nile waters sacred to Egypt, we’ll defend our rights” – Egypt Foreign Minister

June 22, 2009

In clear-cut and unequivocal words with the Editor-in-Chief of “Al Ahram” daily newspaper on 20/6/2009, Foreign Minister, Ahmed Abul-Gheit, said that Egypt will not keep silent vis-à-vis any measures infringing on its River Nile water uses.

As previously repeated more than once, Egypt has declared that it is entirely sticking to its rights to River Nile water, said Abul-Gheit.

Egypt will never give up these rights, said the Minister.

Abul-Gheit stressed that Nile waters are sacred for Egypt. We shall move to defend them if our rights are exposed to any infringement, affirmed the Minister.

Abul-Gheit deals with important topics that have been under discussion on the two international and regional arenas over the past period.

President Mubarak’s wisdom succeeded in maintaining Egypt’s active and distinguished relations at the Arab, regional and international levels, said the Minister.
The US Administration intends to raise major ideas to push up the peace process in the region, he added.


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4 comments on ““Nile waters sacred to Egypt, we’ll defend our rights” – Egypt Foreign Minister

  1. For Egypt to say this in the open – might surprise so many – but the fact of the matter is that Egpy has so many cards to play:

    -It’s first best card is Eritrea and Issias Afeworki. Simply put Issias is the Nile or you can say the Arab guard of Nile. So far Egypty is using Eritrea masterfully as a check mate to Ethiopia.

    -The #2 card is the TPLF itself. Besides public bravado – the TPLFites are in the pocket of Egypt.

    So Ethiopians know your priority.

  2. There is no such thing as Egyptian muscle as Egypt is the second most military aided country after Israel. Egyptians since their last physical trail of directly occupying ethiopia( just before the European scramble for Africa) what they have done is to ally themselves to available superpowers in order to get financial and political support which helped the monopolize the river without being challenged by the mostly poor and unstable upper- riparian countries. So basically Egypitians have been smart in playing the right card in the game of international politics while we have been ruled by people as damn as Mengistu who isolated us from the rest of the world and inflicted the most unforgettable misery on us. If it wasn’t for that, even the liberation fronts that managed to divide ethiopia wouldn’t have succeeded in million years. they would have just died away just like the Tamil Tigers….the good news is, at list all the upper riparian nations are speaking in one voice, the bad news is the ethnic policy in ethiopia is a hot meal for Egypt to dine on.

  3. It is time to get ready! We have to also stand in solidarity to defend our right. It is better to die in war than from hunger and poverty. Ethiopian know how to keep their solidarity and unity in trashing down external enemies. Hopefully, regionalization would not hinder us from protercting our rights and teritory.

  4. Astonishing news! Ethiopia moving forward!
    Time for the lion share holders of the Nile River has passed. Nile is detouring itself to serve its motherland. Whatever political divide we have, we are keeping and must keep our solidarity. Political dividers are dismantelling themselves. They have long history of arming rebels against this country, but never succeded and will never succed. We have a leader committed for rapid development and radical economic transformation. He never been forgotten in the face of history.

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