Andinet celebrated one year anniversary of the party formation

June 24, 2009

The first anniversary of the founding of the Unity for Democracy and Justice Party (UDJ) was celebrated on 21 of June 2009 at the premises of the Party. Guests of honor included His Excellency Dr. Negasso Gidada former President of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia, His Excellency Ato Seye Abraha former Minster of Defense of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Ato Hadi Mohammed President of the Democratic Movement of Ethiopia Party, Ato Tilahun Endeshaw Representative of the Southern Peoples’ Democratic Movement. In attendance were the Members of the Executive and the Council of the UDJ and the members of the Party and other invited guests. Woizero Almaz Gebre Egziabher, and Hale Mideksa, Bertukan’s mother and daughter respectively, also attended the ceremony for a brief period as Sunday is visiting day for relatives of the prisoners.

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