3 comments on “አቶ ቡልቻ ከጎግል ጋዜጣ ጋር ያደረጉት ቃለ ምልልስ (gogel Interview with Bulcha Demkesa)

  1. I think Ato Bulcha did not do any good to his and his party’s reputation in this interview. He was caught unguarded in the last questions. Weldone google newspaper.

  2. After reading this interview of Bulcha Demeksa, i can not help thinking what the future of Medrek would be. If Medrek is stuffed with such kind of people, what is the recent bravado about Medrek particularly by Pan-Ethiopians. I think, before we support, we need to investigate and do our own homework Surely, we can not carry on doing the same mistake all the time. As the old adage says; fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Shame on us for being adro karya!!

  3. Thank you gogel
    This is the reallity in Medrek.Ethiopians should be very careful in supporting such ”opposition ”party leaders.
    To me, Medrek = Woyane with out power.
    Even woyane is better than them . Keterabe jib yetegebe jib yishalal.
    God is great! Their anti Ethiopia aim behind the curtain is becoming clear.
    I agree with Ethiopia ,only fools will unite or join with Medrek.

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