AfDB set to start funding Ethiopia’s Gibe dam

July 3, 2009

The African Development Bank (AfDB) is making preparations to start funding the Gibe III dam, a mega project on River Omo whose completion is expected to alleviate Kenya’s perennial electricity crisis.

AfDB’s director in charge of infrastructure, Mr Gilbert Mbesherubusa, says the bank is conducting technical, economic and financial assessments of the project to start the works by end of year.

“The project will bring electrical energy to Ethiopia, Kenya and neighbouring countries, thus contributing to regional economic development and poverty alleviation,” he said. Click here to read more


4 comments on “AfDB set to start funding Ethiopia’s Gibe dam

  1. What we are hearing on the ground is that there is acute shortages of electricity and water throughout the country. My understanding is that we have built several dams over the last 10-12 years in several parts of the country. Where is all that generated energy going? I see and read that this project or that project will allow Ethiopia to produce enough energy for the country’s growth and development and even sale to neighboring countries. What gives? Those that know should enlighten us or at least give some explanation on what is going on.

    Kemakeber Selamta Gar,


  2. I agree with Kebede that if there are so many dam projects are being built,why is electric rationing in Ethiopia today which was never the case under the previous two regimes? I am puzzled as well and i also need explanation.

  3. I have read the above two comments and I decided to give my comment in this issue. First of all for the last ten or more years the demand and supply of electricity in Ethiopia has not be balanced. Alot of factories and other infrastructural facilities have been built and all of these need power. As we all know that the new and the old Hydropower electric generating plants are working in full capacity, but are not capable to balance the shortage of power. The demand increased faster that the supply. On top of that when the rainy season flactuates the water level of the dams also flacuates and could not able to produce in full capacity.
    For all the above reasons,it is clear that we need additional hydropower gernerating plant. Gibe III hydropower plant will be a good addition for the country’s electrical grid system. I am not sure whether we can export electric to other country’s or not but we can be self sustainable if we build this power plant.


  4. Well I FEEL SORRY FOR MY NATION . We always suffer for some thing for example drought now the shortage of water and electicity. I believe our people are very laze and love to complain. We do not even contribute nothing just we like to brag with empity hand.We are expecting only to solve our problem by God.THE MOST ANNOYING NATION IN THE WORLD WE ALWAYS BEGG FOR AID AND THE FAMILY MEMBERS WHO LIVE OUT OF THE COUNTRY. INSTEAD OF SITTING AND CHEWING CHAT TALK ABOU OTHER BUSSINES WHY DOES EVERY ONE TRY TO CHANGE AND MAKE EFFORT.WHAT I HAVE NOTICED EVERY ONE ENJOYES RECEIVING MONEY FROM WESTER UNION SHAME ON YOU [b][/b][s][/s][url][/url][img][/img][quote][/quote]

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