One comment on “EDP Held Successful Meeting in Bahirdar

  1. Congradulations EDP .You did it!!!!

    We know that you kan achieve your goal since you have the truth and the capacity.
    I appreciate EDPs leaders and members who break all hearsays and come up with new ideas . The other oppositions who are full of hate and focusing on defamation of partieslike EDP who did and doing their best for the betterment of Ethiopia should learn from their mistakes. ”Leba enat lijwan atamnim” .They should ask themselves who are they and what they did in the past and what they are doing now.

    Today they are saying that they didn’t want to take part in the coming election, believe me they will ask pardon and beg to participate in the coming election at the end of the registration day. They are like that . That is why EDP didn’t want to merge with such plan less un wise ”politicians ”.
    EDP is the only alternative to future Ethiopia.
    Dear EDPs keep on doing your good Job. You have support from the silent majority and those who keep opposing you are losers who didn’t want to accept the fact and the reality. It is simply ‘’Kaferku ayimelseng’’ They need to learn more.
    Ethiopian people are more wise than few useless supports from Diaspora who brought nothing for the last many years..

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