8 comments on “Eng. Gizachew’s group expel Professor Mesfin from UDJP

  1. በከሎኔል መንግስቱ ሀይለማርያም ዘመነ መንግስት ተመሳሳይ ነገር እሰማ ነበር፡፡ ይሄንን
    “ለምሳ ሲያስቡን ቁርስ አደረግናቸው” አይነት መግለጫ ስሰማ
    በእውነት እንጅነር ግዛቸው የጄኔራልነት ማእረግ ይገባቸዋል እላለሁ፡፡

  2. It is very sad. When is this canibalisation going to stop? I can not wait to see it.

  3. What do you expect from Engineer Gezachew? He is a turn coat. He was EDP at first, then AEUP, then Kinijit, now UDJ and making the trouble he used to make to all the above parties. He is the problem and he needs to be sidelined otherwise UDJ will disintegrate at the hands of Engineer Gezachew.

  4. This is yet another proof that the problem with Kinijit was not Ato Lidetu. Who is going to believe this after listening to the DW radion? For those who were doubting, i think this will go some where to open their blind eye.

  5. There will be more and more proofs that there were problems of inter party democracy within x-Kinijit.
    No one was ready to hear when true Ethiopians like in EDP tried to solve the problem by putting preconditions in the merger process.Prof.Mesfin knew all those problems and he simply supported this group and accused of EDPs active and wise leaders.Especially Lidetu Ayalew was accused of being ‘‘Kehadi’’ for exposing all these problems earlier .
    Thanks to GOD every thing is becoming clear for those who knows Ethiopian politics . I hope Pro. Mesfin and others will ask an apology to Lidetu if they stand for truth and wants contribute for better Ethiopia.
    I know Gizachew and Asrat both were c.c. members of EDP . I don’t expect some thing valuable from them. They run only for power.
    Asrat Tase was EDP central committee member until the end sep. 2005 and because he was not elected for CUD central committee member, he immediately start accusing EDP and Lidetu repeatedly with false allegation This is the truth behind x-kinijit ”leaders”
    I hope the confused and blind supporters of UDJ in Diaspora will learn something and come to their mind.
    Read more about the spilit of UDJ on Ethiopianreporter.com july.16

  6. Who is responsible for their split??
    May be Lidetu again
    You can find more information about what happened between Gizachew and Prof. Mesfin groups.
    ethiopianreporter. com kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  7. The so called Eng. Gizachew and his group are just seeking power as a party leader nothing more
    They are good for nothing.
    Better if they disolve themselves.

  8. Thanks to God!!!!
    Beseferut Kuna Mesefer Ayikrim

    It is a big lesson to Prof. Mesfin who was the first to accuse true Ethiopians in 2005. This was Eng. Gizachew and few others who were disturbing the merger process.
    Only this year prof. Mesfin understands who is who.
    The tear of true and committed Ethiopians is reaching to GOD
    Thanks GOD
    I am sure their split will not stop here . It will continue until Eng. Gizachew ,Asrat Tase and Dr. yaekob lead ane party each kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    God is Great

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