One comment on ““የፓርቲውን ሰዎች ማቀራረብ ሲገባቸው በመበታተን ስራ ላይ ተጠምደዋል”

  1. I don’t agree with professor Mesfin this time. He is trying to say “Kaldeferese Ayiteram”. As we all know UDJP guys say they are descendant of the KINIJIT. It is to be remembered what happned to Kinijit. UDJP’s problem is a repetition of what happned in Kinjit.
    Ethiopian people will have bad impression on UDJP because these former Kinijit persons, once again, failed to work in harmony and resolve their internal problem. The people will not have confidence in them as they have already beocme laughing stock.

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