Lack of rain causes famine in Ethiopia

July 24, 2009


4 comments on “Lack of rain causes famine in Ethiopia

  1. Never ending problem. Apart from the hydroelectric power projects, we have to focus also on irrigation projects, making use of our rivers such as Shabele and Nile (Tikur Abay) and kiss famine goodbye.

  2. while its true the famine is huge….we should always be wary of reporting from Qatar…this small state….even though its far from us….has caused so much havoc in ethiopia for a long time…including the way it treats our citizens

  3. itmight be true that this problem may exist. yet i don’t really understand why they always want to talk about nitty gritty issues in Ethiopia. While there are other African states still under sever hunger, Algezira wants to talk about Ethiopian problems.

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