‘We will die fighting’ – Dr Birhanu

August 20, 2009



6 comments on “‘We will die fighting’ – Dr Birhanu

  1. I wonder how Birhanu still didn’t have at least a photo from rural part of Eritria as a fighter

    Birhanu said that they(G7) are ready to say ”we have tried and we couldn’t acheive ,so try it yourself” This was what I expect from Birahnu
    They wil say it when the money contributers tired of.

  2. Dr Birhanu is comedian but shame on those who take him seriously and allow themselves to be fooled.

  3. Commander-in-chief of Ginbot 7 working on his computer in his beautiful kitchen

  4. I said Dr. Berhanu Nega and Ato Andargachew Tsigie are the biggest scammer of Ethiopians in Diaspora.
    Innocent Ethiopians have paid $500 per head in the first round of G7 money collection scheme for the war yet to be born in the desert of Eritrea. The second round is underway but price is down to $50 per head. At least they had one year of existence that the may add on their resumes when the next opportunity arrives to grab power from hard working opposition parties in Ethiopia. What a shame.

  5. let we do what we suppose to do, making fear based analysis is always rong. every body can see how tplf worked to reach the current position, let alone the party who has strong moral,full heart and intelectual capacity to move ahead

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