AEUP speaks of opportunity to exercise political agenda

August 28, 2009

Addis Ababa, August 27 (WIC) – All Ethiopia Unity Party (AEUP) said that there is a smooth platform and  an opportunity for all opposition political parties in the country to engage in and exercise their own political agenda peacefully.

AEUP also expressed its disappointment over some individuals who have been attempting to execute their political agenda while residing abroad despite the existence of a platform to peacefully exercise political programs locally.    

In an exclusive interview he recently held with WIC, AEUP Chairman, Engineer Hailu Shawel expressed his disappointment over those individuals who have preferred the wrong way.  

Recalling that his party worked in close collaboration with the Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD) during the 2005 national elections, Engineer Hailu disclosed that CUD was disintegrated due to its own internal problems.     

According to Engineer Hailu, lack of awareness and accurate information about the commitment and background of each of the members has contributed to the dissolution of the CUD.  

Since building democratic culture could not be solely left to the government, the various political parties legally operating in the country should actively participate in the democratization process, he noted.   

The chairman also said that AEUP is involved in the political process through respecting the constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, and added that his party is making preparations to take part in the up coming national elections.  

The party has opened over 60 branch offices all over the country to run in the up coming elections, he indicated.

Hailu Shawel interview


8 comments on “AEUP speaks of opportunity to exercise political agenda

  1. I was sure that AEUP willpaticipate in the election at last momment but he announce it earler. It is clear all others will also follow when the election is approaching.
    God bless EDP that from the begining one , constant and firmstand.
    I would like to congratulate the diaspora blind supporters who were against pariticipating in the coming election.

  2. UDJ will follow after a while .Their main task to oppose EDP when it comes up with new idea and clear decsion and then they copy and do the same thing.

  3. I am still waiting for answer from Eng Hailu. He refused to join the parliament which is his right. Now he is preparing his party for the next election. Does this mean he thinks he was wrong not to take the seat and if it is so when is he going to aplogise or what expalnation can he give us for this change of mind?

  4. Degagoch, it is not only UDJ but also AEUP and other less popular parties such as UEDF and Bulcha’s party are always in cmpetition with EDP. I dare to say this kind of behaviour is inherent in all of us. It is like – when you open a shop your neighbour open the same type of shop a few yards away. What I advise EDP guys is to keep up the good job. Additionally EDP shouldn’t understimate the power of propaganda so they need to work hard on that also. They need also to defend themeselves from mentally sick, and good-for-nothing individuals who relentlesly attack the party.

  5. AEUP has no other alternative . It is against its propoganda the last 4 years . Shame !!!
    I wonder What are going to say ”the Ethiopians in diaspora iscussion forum and Kinijit Swz´´ those who were fighting for the 8 precondition????????? Where are the preconditions.
    I think blind supporters deerve to have such a leader

  6. God saves Ethiopia from a ”leaders ” like Eng. Hailu who contradicts themslves now and then .Person who don’t want to take what has been offered and begs the same thing just after a month. It is not their first time to take the work and idea of others and amplify.GOD BLESS EDP the leader or teacher of ”oposition parties ”in Ethiopia.
    I hope evry one with healthy mind can judge what has been said by EDP from the begining and what is going on now will appriciate EDP.
    Long live EDP and It’s wise leaders

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