5 comments on “UDJ leadership refuses to be filmed by ETV

  1. Fighting with the major and propbably the only television company in the country is not a wise idea for UDJP representative. Again their leadership quality is in question.

  2. It is the real time for UDJ ”leaders ”to be tested.
    These are those peole who defame Lidetu and EDP.
    There undemocratic nature and poor leadership will be exposed more in the coming election debate.(If they participate in the election).
    I didn’t expect something valuable from Gizachew

  3. Ye En.Gizachew sira Yasafiral shame !!!!!!I prefer to be under EPRDF than Gizachew.
    Enezihn meselu siltan layi biwta tekawami bemulu alekelet
    Degnetu leza ayidersum rasachewn yatefalu. Letechemari mereja
    Read ethiopiafirst and judje what Prof. Mesfin group has written (Zim anilm)

  4. How the kind of person like en. Gizachew can talk about democracy and free media.These are UDJ leaders.

    UDJ is hopeless. Ethiopian people are wise and they will not give their voice to them.

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