3 comments on “Medrek walks out of the negotiation on election 2010 code of conduct

  1. Medrek people thought that they are the only ethiopians . Shame on Medrek.They will beg and comebackagain or they will participate on the election under the finished code of conduct.They don’t have any idea to forward to improve the code of conduct ,that is why they leave the stage.

  2. Dear all,
    i am really upseted by the foolish acts of MEDREK. Medirek walked out different negotiation forums. I think that is its right. But why it then confuses us? We are suffering from unbearable inflation. Medrek as a party of an Ethiopians working for the betterment of the country should have played a role to help the public get at least basic needs like food, shelter etc. But the party is doing the opposite. Walked out from the negotiation but pilling up not only irrelevant but also garbage reasons for its walk out; ‘bilateral negotiation’, ‘Electoral board is snatched its constitutional right’, ‘we did not want to be students of the four parties’, ‘we did not want negotiation with loyal oppositions’… Look, are these relevant? really garbage and conflicting reasons! I totally lost my confidence on this party.I am not a politician, nor have any political mission. I am just an employee of one of the institutions in Hawassa. I am one the citicins who worry for the political and economic stability of the country. Ethiopia is almost the last from the world in economy, development…… So we must stop this some where. But i am terribly angry by the acts of Medrek. I feel such acts have no contribution to the country. I can feel the pain they having in running their party. But I also feel they must put the country first.

    Discussion is the main ground for parties in Ethiopia where there are different beliefs, ideas and ideologies, regions and nationalities, about hundred political parties. I feel parties must not run away from discussion forums. We had been marginalizing EDP (Lidetu ayalew). By I feel he is by far capable politician that the collections under Medrek. I totally believe in discussion with geneune and mutual understanding and respect! Medrek should have used the wisdom of unity for the party itself and for the country at large! Parties must take lessons from CUD! Parties should not do mistakes after an other five years! Parties should be measured by their contents, and visions they have for the country. Parties MUST NOT BE MEASURED BY THEIR HATRED TO ONE ANOTHER!!!! This is my geneune comments on the recent political movements of the country. Any one can correct me is mistaken.

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