5 comments on “ተምታቶብኛል የቱን ጨብጬ የቱን ልተወው (ታዛቢው ከሎንደን)

  1. Tazabiw:

    Looking at the success of the historic May/05 election, we should not be confused. We should go ahead to make yet another history in the next election.

    There is no reason why we can not do it again.

    Let us go for it!

  2. I am also confused. I do not know what is good for Ethiopia at the moment. Hope i will be able to come to a decision one way or the other soon.

  3. Let us stop talking about this non sense election.

    Let us support Ginbot 7 and remove the cancerous TPLF once and for all.

  4. There is no other short cut to bring about change . It is only through election.
    Please G7 leave us with your confused leaders and ideas . They killed kinijit and to cover upp their mistakes they just get organised and shout empty words .They will give upp when the diaspora dollar stops. It is just a mtter of one year. Biranu is good for nothing.
    ”Bikeftu telba yeferi sibsib G7“

  5. Shame on Dr. Brhanu Nega, other Doctors and Engineers in the former CUD! You all berayed your motherland Ethiopia. You all are responsible for the confusion of the citizins! Yet you all put the blame on the young but mature politician Ato Lidetu! Tazabiw and other friends of mine take time and thing again! Look in to what Dr. Yakob is disclosing about what happened to the then Kinijit (CUD)!

    Abesha min yilal meselachiw “yetemare yigdelegn” You see, how they killed us? They killed us in an orchestrated way! They even had no patience of at least 5 years to go to palace (betemengist)!

    I know how much the people suffered to bring may 2005 election. I know how i myself suffered and sucrified for it. that is why i am furious over the doctors and engineers of the CUD. Yes we can repeat the same thing BUT IN A MATURED WAY! I am still ready for the change! BUT it must begin with an atitudinal change! It does not need killings among brothrs and sisters! We have already forces residing outside the country (Like dr. brihanu nega) working for killings among brothers and sisters. That is the way ERDF came in to power. If any group come in to power through war, there is also a war to remove them. The vicious cycle contineous! But we must stop the cycle by matured, smart, and peaceful meanses! mekmekm@yahoo.com

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