Electoral mud slinging begins

November 17, 2009

Ethiopian Democratic Party boss Lidetu Ayalew (MP) says his party’s so-called third alternative offers the only real substitute to the ruling party and the rest of the opposition, although experts say most of his party’s policies hardly differ from many of the others, such as the Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ)
He called on members of the Forum for Democratic Dialogue in Ethiopia, the strong grouping of eight opposition groups to save their breath until the campaign and possible debates Lidetu said his party will dominate.
The EDP has effectively used recently introduced parliamentary instruments to call and ask ministers, other federal organs executives and even the PM himself, to explain issues of their choice and concern. The party is the only group that has used opposition day in parliament – a 60 minute space every month that all opposition parliamentary groups are entitled to without the EPRDF’s say. Read more (capital)