VOA Interview with Dr. Yakob Hailemariam

November 20, 2009



Dr Yakob Hilemariam



9 comments on “VOA Interview with Dr. Yakob Hailemariam

  1. የመዘግየት ነገር ካልሆነ ጥፋትን አምኖ ይቅርታ የሚጠይቅ ለኔ ታላቅ ሰው ነው፡፡

  2. የልደቱን ታላቅነት፣ የፖለቲካ ብስለት መመስከር መቻሉ ያቆብን እንዳመስግነው የግድ ይለኛል። ቢሆንም ይህንን እውነት ለመረዳትና ለመመስከር ይህን ያህል ዓመታት መፍጀቱ ደሞ ግርም ይለኛል። ሽማግሌዎቻችን እውነት ለመናገር ካልደፈሩ ማን ይድፈር? መንገደኛው ትውልድ? የማይሞከር ነው!

    ያገር ልጅ

  3. Dr. Yaekob !!!
    Thank you very much for talkning at least few of the truths.
    We expect such more truths from Prof. Mesfin and Dr.Befekadu Degife

  4. asking excuse very civility.but Dr. Yakob’s excuse very late.
    If his excuse is for not participate in the parlama, and he fees that was not right he shuold have asked this right after released from jail for the people who lost the loves one ajiled with them and shared thier pain.
    now he better ask for dissentgrated kinjit. now again he step down from his post and talking his background and younger generation. did he train any one for that or ignoring the Ethiopian people’s sturaggle?
    I am not realy happy what you doing Dr. Yakob

  5. what so ever they did any excuse its nothing and they all are bagabond….so selfish for power while they do any sacrification.
    Let them go to hell.

  6. It is very interesting! I really appreciate Dr. Yakob eventhogh his apology is late. Truth shoud have exposed at the spote or right after release from jail. This could have saved political destruction of some personalities of the country. For example Ato Lidetu Ayalew.
    I hope other ledears of CUD like Dr. Brhanu, Prof. Mesfin, and other follow the some line.
    Viva Dr. Yakob for being pioneer!

  7. dr’ you maye be good dr’ or any other ishu but,here you are so wrong ! tosolve ethio leaders problem is not to join with anti dimocratic grups b/s when you join the direct out cme of influence will be, you will becom anti dimocratic too .

  8. The information that u shared us is true.Hoewver, you failed to tell us a lot about Dr. Birhanu’s mischief

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