4 comments on “እነ አቶ ስዬና የስምምነት ጥላቻቸው (ከልደቱ አያሌው)

  1. Dear Lidetu,
    Do you know how much smart you are?Your political knowledge is really surprising! Shame on Seye! Our political system could have gained a lot of progress and KINIJIT (CUD) could have been the main influencing party in the country even stronger than EPRDF, if CUD has given attention for your views and concern. I regreted for my involvement in the blind opposition (ALUBALTA) against you in the post election seasons eventhogh my involvement is because of the hidden cospiracy by leaders of the former KINIJIT (CUD). I strongly believe that you can make a difference if opportunity is given!
    KEEP ON!!!!!!!!!! KEEP MOVING! That is the only way you can avoid obstacles like Seye and others before they cause public confusion against you!

  2. Hi Ke arbaminch! I share your idea. I also share the feeling of ato lidetu on Seye Abrha. Every Ethiopians know him and his meaningful deeds. If I get Ato seye personally i would ask him ‘Do you really love Ethiopia? Do you love our Flag?’ People like seye must look for courage to learn from young politicians like lidetu. I have seen the article written by Seye Abrha but i couldn’t find substance it it. It is full of alligations.

    We must join hand in hand for the betterment of out political system and way of making politics. We must work hard to make our political culture to be based on Ethical politics; neither blind support nor blind opposition!

  3. Siye has been on power and did nothing good for Ethiopia . He is equally responsible like Meles for what he did in designing anti Ethiopa aktivities.He killed our brothers . He will be charged when time comes.His has no any agenda for Ethiopians . He just attack Lidetu becausehe knows that Lidetu has Ethiopian agenda and he want to destroy him. He has no point to talk . Of cource he is a military what he knows is just shooting and killing. Siye please go away from Lidetu and EDP.
    Support EDP that can bring about changeonly in peacefull means.

  4. Jib bemayakut hager kurbet antifulng yilal
    Siye bilo le hager tekorqwari
    Ewnwtm Ethiopia sew attalech!!!!!!yasafral!!!
    Wodeb alba yaskeren wanaw man honena .
    Siye antem belo tekawami.Maferiya

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